George Mason University Transfer Essay

When applying for George Mason University transfer, Howard University transfer or for Purdue University transfer students must be ready with the university’s admission requirements by comprehending the needs for a speedy admission. However before submitting requirements know that George Mason University is keen on knowing you more than in paper. This is where a personal statement becomes important. George Mason University encourages applicants to write personal statements that can’t be gleaned from transcripts or resume.

Writing a comprehensive statement about you and your current education will make you stand out from the rest. It will give you a boost in your chances for being considered in the university program.

What to Write About in Your Essay for George Mason University Transfer Application

When writing your George Mason University transfer application essay, it is best to write truthfully and state what the university must learn about you and your goals in learning in higher education. Begin with a brief introduction about yourself, then continue building up your academic history and the one you have in your current institution. Include your achievements or probations in your essay. Write about your performances and interests may they be physical or logical. Describe too your normal approach to your studies and how you would approach studying in George Mason University.

Your transfer essay must include personal information especially when there is a delicate or financial problem; these will show your honesty where an officer can see your drive in pursuing excellence in their university.

Tips to writing your George Mason University Transfer Application Essay

A well writ transfer essay will pave way for consideration in your application. Writing an essay is not a simple task for the choices of statements you wish to include or exclude, and the clarity of content you need to make a positive impact in your application. However if you are unsure on how what to put in your statement, here are some tips when writing your essay:

  • Format. The university has a specific writing format for essays. This is made possible to make your personal statement concise and professional. It is advisable to follow their format.
  • Grab attention. The first paragraph must grab the reader’s attention. You can use quotes, anecdotes, or fun facts to make your reader interested to know more about you.
  • Write honest. Students often tend to be overly verbose in writing but fail to make an impression because of overdoing their sharing. Write only key statements that are true about you in both personal and academicl life.
  • Limit your words. Students get overwhelmed when writing their papers and some will go beyond the necessary. One way to be precise with your statement is to limit your words from 500 to 600 words. This technique will make your essay concise.
  • Proofread. Have your friends, councilors, advisers, or English teachers read your essay. If there are uncertainties ask for help in improving it further.

george mason university transferNeed Help?

Many students who work on their George Mason University transfer application get anxious with their essays. They find this part of the application the most daunting because of the process of what to share to make a strong impact; therefore some students end up confusing the reader more than setting good impression. A solution to make your personal statement stand out, looking professional, yet ring true is by seeking help with professional writing services. These services will provide your personal statement with a more profound style while providing the correct information for the university to know about you.