Check Fordham University Transfer Essay Writing

Application for Fordham University isn’t limited to GPA and SAT scores. It also isn’t limited to adviser recommendations. A key component in the application process is through sharing your personal and academic background to the university. A well written personal statement can provide an impact and prompt a positive feedback from an admission or registrar officer.

One way to push your admission further is by providing highlight in your personal statement beginning with your progress, achievements, skills and interests. This will not only improve your essay but will give more depth and sincerity in your person towards your academic performance.

What to address in your Fordham University transfer essay

Fordham University transfer essays as well as University of Maryland transfer or Ohio State University transfer ones may give you prompts depending on the college you wish to enter, but in general the personal statement that you provide will reflect your honesty and give the reader and insight to your life goals. This is one reason why most students dedicate time writing their personal statements.

When writing a personal statement, you write about your life in general, followed by your academics, you can then progress towards the reason why you see it fit to transfer to another university. State how you want to have this specific career, attain goals and life plans.

A personal statement should also reflect your views on cultural acceptance and exchanges, your views on academic hardships, your strengths in your and personal troubles, and your ideals for your future and career. Write what you believe is necessary for the university to understand and learn about you, this is the opportune time to stand out.

Tips to writing your Fordham University Transfer Application essay:

Each university has their specific format while others none. But when writing for Fordham university transfer application one of the key strengths of your personal statement is to be concise and truthful. Your personal statement will allow the admission officers to get to know you better than your SAT scores. They will want to know how you can fit in their institution.

Here are some tips for a better personal statement:

  • Begin your personal statement by describing yourself and your strengths while remaining positive throughout the essay, even while you are describing some negative affectations in your life.
  • Write your essay but limit it to 500 or 600 words to make your writing structured. Omit the statements that you feel won’t make an impact and write the ones that matter most.
  • Share your personal and academic passions in your essay, this will provide the reader depth in your academic life and how you can progress in your studies in the university.
  • Write the reason why you have chosen the university and its course to transfer, also add its relevance to your chosen career and long term goals.
  • Have a friend or professional view your work. This will help in improving your personal statement and make it more professional looking.

fordham university transferWrite a Personal Statement that Stands Out

Fordham University transfer application essays are quite difficult for some students who muster sharing their personal thoughts in concise contexts. But a well written statement has proper value and good impact to any university. Boost your chances by seeking professional help with writing services. Their skills can help improve your admission through putting constructive approaches and giving out correct information about you which you want to share with the university.