Forbes College, Princeton University

forbes college requirementsForbes College, a two year college for freshmen and sophomores, is located on the historic site of the Princeton Inn, a former hotel built by the architect Andrew Jackson Thomas in the early 1920s. A welcoming environment; the students, faculty and staff form a close-knit community at Forbes, which is one of the six residential colleges at Princeton University.

As one of the United States top universities, Princeton is renowned worldwide for research and is currently ranked as the ninth top university in the world by The Times Educational Supplement. Princeton is one of the oldest independent universities in America, catering for men and women of all denominations.forbes college requirement

The university offers studies in a large range of standard disciplines. Founded in 1746, this prestigious university counts amongst its alumni, two presidents, many notable actors, Apollo astronaut and commander, Pete Conrad and the current first lady, Michelle Obama.

Read on for Forbes College undergraduate admission requirements:

Forbes College Undergraduate Admission Help:

2013-2014 Figures:

Academic Staff 1175
Students 7910
Undergraduates 5244
Location Princeton, New Jersey, United States



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Forbes College Admission Requirements:

  • Age: Princeton considers applications from students who have left school early, if they compare to the academic standard of students who have completed their senior year.
  • Test Results: No minimum scores are required, but candidates are expected to score high in the standardized tests, such as SAT Reasoning Test or the ACT, with Writing. Additionally, applicants will take two SAT Subject Tests.
  • Essay Submissions: Applicants are asked to write two essays as part of their application. The questions will provided in the application.
  • Other documents needed:
  • A completed application form: The Universal College Application or Common Application can be used.
  • Princeton’s writing supplement to the Common Application: Applicants opting to use the Common Application submit the writing supplement online.
  • Princeton’s supplement to the Universal College Application: Universal College Applications can submit their supplement online or by PDF.
  • A School Report (SR) and Transcript: See the Common Application and Universal College Application websites.
  • Two teacher recommendations: From different academic areas of study.
  • A mid-year school report: A form can be found on the Common Application and Universal Application sites. See links above.
  • SAT Reasoning Test or ACT: See here for more information on standardized testing.
  • SAT Subject Tests: See the above link for more information on standardized testing.
  • Test Registration Codes: The following codes should be used when registering for the SAT or ACT, this will ensure your scores are sent to Princeton: SAT: 2672, ACT: 2588
  • TOEFL Scores: Are required for applicants who speak English as a second language. This is not required if you have spent at least three years at a secondary school where English is the primary language of instruction.