FAQs On College Application Essay Topics and Others

Due to high demand, our professionals have come up with a set of FAQs on college application essay topics as well as other potential questions. In case your questions is not answered here, feel free to contact us online on our website, our toll free telephone, through email or live chat support for an instant response.

  1. Can I go to an expensive college if my family is not rich or should I just give up?

No way! You will be surprised to find that many of those colleges and universities are quite accommodating in the financial aid department. If you are admitted and could be a valuable asset to the university, they will often make it possible for you to attend. This will entail a loan which you will need to pay back at a later date. But, if you think the college is worth it, then this is only “a small” price to pay for a terrific education. If you receive your proposed financial package and it is not sufficient, you can usually appeal to the financial aid department by letter, and it is possible to receive an increase in aid. The bottom line is, explore all your options and be persistent. Also check up on our website for some scholarships. Don’t lose hope. Concentrate on writing a killer essay and get that chance in the college, the financial part will be sorted out either way.

  1. Will my lower than average GPA keep me out of my dream school?

Of course not! Most colleges are far more flexible. If the admissions officers see that you are constantly challenging yourself and taking courses that demand a lot of intellectual faculty, then they will definitely consider you as a serious candidate. Keep in mind that there are those select students who may take the same challenging courses load and do better; however, they may not have the amount of community service and extracurricular activities as you. Try to supplement your academics with other activities to show the admissions officer that you are a passionate and well rounded individual. Remember; admissions officers are people too, not machines. Don’t lose hope, just submit a great college essay!