There is no doubt that bestcollegeessays.org offers the best quality writing for good college essays. We don’t make this claim lightly because we have the testimonials from satisfied clients to attest to that fact. This page offers answers to the most frequently asked questions that new clients have for us before they actually place an order. If you have other questions about the help writing college essays that we provide please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department.

What types of good college essays do you provide?

Check out Our Services page to get a breakdown of the wide variety of writing services we provide. We write college admission essays as well as essays required for course assignments in all disciplines. We also provide thesis proposal writing as well as full thesis writing. If you need a lab report or a case study written you can receive that service from bestcollegeessays.org as well.

How long does it take to receive good college essays from your college essay writing service?

The length of time it takes for our writers at bestcollegeessays.org to complete all the good college essays that are ordered depends on the time frame in which they are needed. One of the questions on the order form deals with the time frame you have for the help writing college essays that you require. We will work within this time frame, but it is best to place your order as soon as you receive the writing assignment. This allows both you and the writer plenty of time for writing the various drafts and making any necessary changes.

Do you have any samples of good college essays for me to read?

We do have college essay samples for clients to read so that they can be sure of the quality of writing that SucessfulCollegeEssays.net provides. These are samples only and are not pre-written essays that we reuse when we receive an order. Every essay order we receive at bestcollegeessays.org means that the writer starts writing from scratch to produce an original essay that meets the requirements of the student. This ensures clients that they receive good college essays written specifically for them.

What does it cost to have revisions or changes made to the drafts I receive for good college essays?

bestcollegeessays.org does not charge for any revisions you request when you preview the draft of any good college essays that you order from us. That is considered a standard part of the writing and helps students in their own writing as part of the help writing college essays that we provide.