Eckerd College Requirements

Complete Guide for Eckerd College Requirements and Admission Chances

Eckerd College is a private school located in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was founded in 1958 and currently has 1,815 students, 61% are female and 39% are male. It is ranked #465 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #9 out of 37 best Florida colleges. It has a high freshmen retention rate and has a 12:1 student to faculty ratio.

Bachelor is the highest degree that Eckerd College offers. It has 43 major offering from Biology to Philosophy. The school also provides special academic offerings and pre professional programs. Four of the most popular programs at Eckerd College are:

  1. Marine Sciences
  2. Psychology
  3. Biology
  4. International Relations and Affairs

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Eckerd College has a 68% acceptance rate. Out of 3,713 who applied, 2,542 were admitted and 502 enrolled. Eckerd College offers two application options from Early Action to Rolling admission. Make sure that you complete the application checklist before you apply. The following are the most essential Eckerd College requirements:

  • Common Application
  • Official Test Scores
  • Official High School Transcript and/or G.E.D. results
  • Admission Recommendation Letter
  • Personal Essay

Admissions committee at Eckerd College plays special attention to your standardized test scores. The following are the guidelines set by Eckerd College on your SAT and ACT scores:

  • SAT Reading: 510 – 630
  • SAT Math: 500 – 610
  • ACT: 23 – 29

Other Eckerd College requirements that would help maximize your admission to Eckerd College are your academic strengths, GPA, personal qualities, interview and extracurricular activities.

Eckerd College Application Made Simple with These Tips

The attendance cost at Eckerd College in the first year ranges between $26,208 and $53,508. Students can apply for scholarships and grants for lesser tuition fee. In fact, 97% of freshmen in Eckerd College receive financial aid packages amounting to $19,832 and students from low income families were given $27,300 in aid. Eckerd College has allotted $27,437 of scholarships to incoming freshmen. 438 students were given an average of $18,140 worth of scholarships and 91 students were awarded $5,282 each of federal grant aid. Here are helpful links for more information on financial aid packages at Eckerd College:

College admissions can be a grueling process for most students. If you want your application to stand out from the rest, you should try out these tips from the pros:

  1. Make sure that your standardized test scores are impressive. Admissions committee use your SAT and ACT scores to evaluate your level of proficiency.
  2. Take advantage of your essays as an efficient method to showcase your personality and values.
  3. Consider your options. Eckerd College offer early decision but you can also opt for regular admission to ensure that you are well prepared.
  4. Set up an interview; this will enable students to put themselves in front of admissions committee and offer a firsthand account on your eloquence.
  5. For students who do not want the hassle of manually applying, get help from professionals online. Experts can give you help, tips and guide for hassle free Eckerd College application.
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Why You Should Choose Eckerd College

  • Eckerd College promised you enhanced learning through effective teaching techniques and controlled number of students per classroom.
  • The hands on approach to learning make Eckerd College one of best choices for students who wish to enroll in liberal arts.
  • It is an exceptional school that will motivate students not to stimulate intellectually but also nourishes their emotional, physical and holistic being.
  • It is a recommended school for students who wish to be challenged. It also fosters a sense of community making it the perfect home for students.
  • Eckerd College offers diversity; the campus is steaming with friendly people from all backgrounds and places.

Check out the Eckerd College requirements and criteria for admission and how to secure a spot in one of the top colleges in US!