Dickinson College Application Requirements

Dickinson College Application Information for Prospective Students

Dickinson College is a private school located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1783 and currently has 2,364 students, 58% are female and 42% of its population is male. It is ranked #69 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #10 out of 95 best Pennsylvania colleges. It has high freshmen retention rate with a 10:1 student to faculty ratio.

Dickinson College only offers bachelor’s degree. It has both Bachelor of Arts and science degrees with 22 disciplinary and 20 interdisciplinary majors. The academic offerings range from African Studies to Writing program. Five most popular majors in Dickinson College are:

  1. International Business/Trade/Commerce
  2. Political Science and Government
  3. Biology/Biological Sciences
  4. English Language and Literature
  5. Psychology

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Dickinson College is mildly selective with 42% acceptance rate. Out of 6,063 who applied, 2,543 were admitted and only 652 enrolled. For applicants, you should be able to complete all the requirements necessary. The following are essential checklist for your Dickinson College application:

  • Official secondary school transcript(s)
  • Counselor recommendation
  • Academic teacher recommendations
  • Standardized test scores (SAT, ACT)
  • Personal statement essay

Your test scores will play an important role in Dickinson College admissions. Here are the guidelines set by Dickinson College for your SAT and ACT scores:

  • SAT Reading: 590 – 680
  • SAT Math: 600 – 700
  • SAT Writing: 590 – 690
  • ACT: 27 – 30

Other factors crucial for your admission to Dickinson College are:

  • Academic GPA
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Volunteer Work
  • Interview
  • Level of Applicant’s Interest

The deadline of submission for your Dickinson College application is November 15 for Early Decision, January 15 for Early Decision II, December for Early Action and February 1 for regular.

Dickinson College Admissions: What You Need to Know

The annual cost of your attendance at Dickinson College is between $16,917 and $62,264. Students can pay less if they score scholarships and grants. 70% of incoming freshmen at Dickinson College receive an average of $26,620 financial aid package while students from low income families were given $45,347 in aid during their first year. Dickinson College offers its freshmen students $33,092 worth of scholarships. In fact, 435 were given $25,595 of aid and 71 were awarded an average of $5,404 each worth of federal grant aid. Learn more about financial aid information at Dickinson College:

Applicants should know the basics in college application to save time and hassle. Here are expert list on how you can guarantee your admission to Dickinson College:

  1. Before you start compiling, writing and organizing your requirements, make sure that you know the deadlines. Opt for early submission as this will show your interest.
  2. Meet your teachers, faculty members and guidance counselor. They can offer you support for effective application.
  3. Do not just focus on making a great impression through your essays but make it a point to present high scores in standardized tests and GPA.
  4. Research not only on the proper application process and requirements but also on reviews from previous applicants. This will help you avoid the same pitfalls.
  5. Use professional help online. There are many experts dedicated in assisting you throughout the process of applying to Dickinson College.
  6. Look for backup plan, you can read about Emerson College application.

Why You Should Choose Dickinson College

  • Dickinson College is the perfect place not only to be academically challenged but also meet friends and engage in various activities in tuned to your interests.
  • Dickinson College is a well ranked school that is best for its academic programs, location and financial aid offers.
  • It is a top quality liberal arts institution that aims to provide all of its students with the academic and professional opportunities.
  • The place itself is immersed in history and students from Dickinson College will find that it is one of the best schools available in US that offer excellence from its education to services.
  • Dickinson College has a good study abroad program and students can benefit from the variety of tis academic options.

Find out how you can ensure your admission to one of the top schools in US with the help of experts for an easy Dickinson College application.