Deep Springs College Application Requirements

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Deep Springs College is a private school located in Deep Springs, California. It was founded in 1917 and was first accredited as a college in 1957. The school is a degree granting, two year institution. Deep Springs College only accepts male applicants. As the school only offers two year academic programs, students can transfer to any four year university upon completion to continue their undergraduate education. Classes in Deep Springs College are relatively small between 4-12 students.

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Deep Springs College does not have majors or concentrations but instead students are encouraged to explore various topics in areas like humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. The only required courses in Deep Springs College are:

  1. Writing
  2. Public Speaking
  3. Introductory Summer Seminar

Deep Springs College is an extremely selective school. It receives 180-250 applications every year in which only 14 are selected. The following are eligibility factors for Deep Springs College application:

  • Application Essay
  • Description of Non-Academic Interests and Activities
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Demographic Information
  • Official Academic Transcripts from Secondary School

The admission selectivity rating of Deep Springs College is 99% making it incredibly tough for any applicants. The following are guidelines for SAT and ACT score:

  • SAT Reading: 740 – 800
  • SAT Math: 670 – 740
  • SAT writing: 680 – 710
  • ACT: 34

The deadline of submission for Deep Springs College application is November 7. Applicants will be notified by December for interviews and decisions are announced by April.

Deep Springs College Admissions and Application Tips from Experts

All students accepted into Deep Springs College are given full scholarship valued over $50,000 for tuition, room and board. For students interested in Deep Springs College admissions, you should require all the help you can get especially as this is a highly selective school. Here are tips from experts to ensure success your Deep Springs College application:

  1. Remember that Deep Springs College offers a unique academic experience so make sure that your application is also distinctive.
  2. Do not focus only on your academic achievements but always make it a point to create the best application essay.
  3. Show also that you are more than just about academic accomplishments but other factors for your application are your character, personal qualities and interest.
  4. Another crucial part in your application to Deep Springs College is the efficiency of your interview. Prepare ahead of time for possible questions and create answers that would demonstrate your proficiency.
  5. Get academic support from professionals as they can give you vast advice and guide towards successful college application.
  6. And one more tip – find out additional alternatives, for example you can learn info about Elizabethtown College application.

Why You Should Choose Deep Springs College

  • Deep Springs College is committed to its exclusivity and small size thus giving students not only academic experience but also real life teachings.
  • The location of Deep Springs College is in the remote high desert of California which offers magnificent view.
  • Students at Deep Springs College are taught self-governance, manual labor and rigorous academics.
  • Students accepted at Deep Springs College do not have to worry about tuition but instead would only shoulder less than $2800 annually for travel, books and incidental fees.
  • Integrity and intensity is preserved in Deep Springs College. Students will get all the best training and education necessary for them to succeed in life.

Explore all Deep Springs College application tips, tricks and guide from experts as to guarantee that your admission to one of the best schools is secured!