Creating Brown University Transfer Essay

Applying as a Brown University transfer is both daunting and exciting at the same time since you are embarking on a path where you can pursue your dreams under the tutelage of one of the best schools in the country. What makes this daunting is the fact that you are not the only one who dreams of becoming a student of this school which means you will need to work extra hard in getting your transfer application noticed.

Just like when you are applying as a Harvard University transfer, you also need to prepare relevant documents when transferring to Brown University. Among the requirements that you need to fulfill include completing a full year in a college or its equivalent. You will also need to complete a two year residency in Brown so those who have more than two years of college credits are no longer eligible for transfer. You will be required to send in your transcripts from secondary school and college as they will be evaluated. If necessary, you will also need to send in your ACT or SAT scores.

Do You Need to Submit a Brown University Transfer Essay?

You don’t really need to send in an essay along with your Brown University transfer application since it will not be reviewed. However, there are times when you will need to provide a supplemental application along with your transfer application for the school to understand you better. The prompts may vary but most often you will be asked to write about what made you decide to transfer to Brown University and how this move can help you fulfill your goals. This topic may sound easy at first but if you put in a limited word count, you may find it a bit challenging to put all the information you want in your essay.

The best way to address the supplemental application is by understanding what Brown University is all about. Know their goals, their ideals, and their approach to teaching students so you can write accordingly. If you can, look for sample essays that other students have shared online to get a better idea on what the school expects from their applicants regardless of whether they are freshmen or transfer students.

Improve Your Essay for Brown University Transfer Admissions

One of the tricks to getting noticed among the transfer applicants is to write an eye catching essay in your Supplemental Application. How can you do this? Here are a few tips worth mentioning:

  • brown university transferFocus on the topic – Since you will be given a prompt in the essay portion of your application, make sure that you focus your writing on the topic.
  • Create an outline – To avoid getting off topic, create an outline for your essay so you can follow it accordingly.
  • Personalize – Own your essay by adding your personality to it. Share experiences, situations, and your passion that are relevant to the prompt given and to the course you plan to take up in Brown University.
  • Ask for help – One of the things that you should get when writing a transfer essay is to ask for feedback from your friends and family. They can help provide you with insight on whether your essay is enough or not.
  • Proofread, rewrite and revise – The first draft of your essay shouldn’t be the one you’re going to send as it may have errors or weak areas to it. You will need to proofread, review, and revise your work as much as possible until you perfect your essay.

Impressive Essay

Brown University transfer applicants, Rutgers transfer or Harvard University transfer ones should know that your essay can play a role in your chances of getting accepted into the University or not. By writing a compelling and interesting essay, there is a chance that you will be considered for a slot in the University which many students are vying for.