Check Cornell University Transfer Essay Writing

Applying as a Brown University transfer, a Harvard University transfer or even as a Cornell University transfer is not that easy given that their screening process is tough and that you will be competing with other applicants as well. There is no surefire way of getting accepted into any of these Universities but there are ways for you to get noticed such as good academic and personal background and the ability to integrate yourself into the school’s environment. This is one of the reasons why, aside from sending in your transcript of records, you will also be asked to submit essays to support your transfer application.

What You Should Consider for Your Cornell University Transfer Essay

As a student who wants to transfer to Cornell University, you need to familiarize yourself with the transfer application process. This means learning what the school is about, what courses it has to offer, as well as the requirements and prerequisites that you need to fulfill in order to be eligible as a transfer student. Of course, it would help a lot if you prepare your essay as early as possible so you will have ample time to review and revise it as needed.

Cornell University uses the essay portion of your application to learn more about you as a student and as an individual. Aside from knowing what your reasons are for transferring to their University, you will also be asked to shed some light to who you are by stating your passion, your interests, your skills, and other background information that will help them decide whether you have what it takes to belong to their school. This is why, you need to put a lot of effort into writing your essay because this is one of the most critical areas in your application.

cornell university transferTips to Improve Your Essay for Cornell University Transfer Admissions

The pressure of delivering an outstanding essay is high since most transfer applicants will be giving their best to make sure that they are noticed. You too can make your essay get the attention it deserves by following a few tips such as those mentioned below:

  • Write an impressive introduction. The first sentence and paragraph is your best chance to get the attention of your reader. Write a compelling introduction that will hook your reader immediately.
  • Create an outline. Creating an outline for your essay can help guide you as you write your thoughts. The more organized your writing is the better it will sound.
  • Stay on topic. You will be given a prompt for your essay which you should stick to when writing. Share information that is relevant to the topic only.
  • Add personality. Adding your personality to your writing can make it more believable. However, don’t write too casually because you still need to remain professional in your application.
  • Always proofread. You should always make it a habit to proofread your work as this will help you find mistakes in your writing that you need to fix and improve on.

Your Essay Matters

If you think that your essay doesn’t really matter when applying as a Cornell University transfer, you might want to think again. The school board does review all applications thoroughly including essays because they want to know whether an applicant has the skills, the motivation, and the desire to belong in their community. It is in your essay where they can pick up more about who are as a person because of the way you write. This is one of the reasons why putting a lot of effort into your writing can help increase your chances of getting noticed among the rest of the applicants.