Connecticut College Requirements

Complete Your Application with the Right Connecticut College Requirements

Connecticut College is a private school located in New London, Connecticut. It was founded in 1911 and currently has 1,893 students, 62% are female and 38% are male. It is ranked #115 out of best nationwide colleges and #5 out of 17 best Connecticut colleges. It has a high freshmen retention rate with a 9:1 student to faculty ratio.

Connecticut College offers 56 majors, minors and certificate programs. Areas of study can range from American Studies to Chemistry. 55% are out of state students, 18% are students with internship abroad, 70 countries represented within the study body and it offers 11 languages to its students. Master is the highest degree it offers and also has pre professional services for students who want to later proceed to law or medicine. Aside from graduate studies, Connecticut College also provides students with non-traditional programs like RTC program. Five most popular majors in Connecticut College are:

  1. Economics
  2. Psychology, General
  3. International Relations and National Security Studies
  4. Political Science and Government
  5. English Language and Literature, General

Connecticut College has a 32% acceptance rate. Out of 5,301 who applied, only 1,678 were admitted and 488 enrolled. The school is highly selective which is why students should be able to submit all requirements properly and effectively. The following are Connecticut College requirements crucial in your application:

  • Common Application
  • Secondary School Report
  • Two academic teacher recommendations
  • TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE for International students
  • Standardized Test Score
  • Non-academic recommendation
  • Arts supplement or portfolio

Prospective applicants should also take note of the guidelines when it comes to the standardized test scores. Here are the average SAT and ACT scores for Connecticut College applicants:

  • SAT Reading: 610 – 700
  • SAT Math: 610 – 700
  • SAT Writing: 610 – 698
  • ACT: 28 – 31

Other Connecticut College requirements that the admissions committee will consider in your application are rigor of secondary school record, class rank, GPA, interview, extracurricular activities and personality. The deadline for submission of your Connecticut College application is November 15 for early decision and January 1 for regular submissions.

Comprehension Information for Hassle Free Connecticut College Application

The annual cost of Connecticut College can range between $11,495 and $62,895. For students who cannot afford the tuition, you can apply for financial aid packages. 54% of freshmen were awarded $36,532 average worth of scholarships while students from low income families received $51,400 in aid during their first year in Connecticut College. The school itself provides students scholarships worth $42,706 for incoming freshmen. 262 incoming freshmen received an average of $34,780 in scholarships while 85 students were given $5,575 of federal grant aid. Here are helpful links for more information about financial aid at Connecticut College:

Getting into top schools may be difficult especially that you will be competing with highly qualified students. Our application tips and guide provide you an easy solution for better chances of Connecticut College admissions.

  1. Research is crucial part in your application. Always take note of all important details from deadlines to Connecticut College requirements.
  2. Never send an email or essay that has errors. Mistakes can easily compromise your credibility so always proofread.
  3. Stay organized with the requirements and keep record of all the documents necessary.
  4. Preview your application. Double check it for errors, typos and any inefficiency.
  5. Get help online. Students can utilize academic support online to get fast help in applying to Connecticut College.
  6. Check out other variants – read about Champlain College requirements.

Why You Should Choose Connecticut College

  • Connecticut College offers students numerous academic opportunities. It will also assist you for internships and other trainings.
  • Faculty members and staff are passionate about what they do. Students will have teachers that are genuinely interested in their learning and development.
  • Connecticut College is a close knit community with students that are engage to developing their own skills.
  • The school values governance and excellence. The value of education at Connecticut College will be worth every penny.
  • Students will get the best learning experience at Connecticut College thanks to its dedication towards excellence.

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