Get to Know about Community College Transfer Essay Writing

Most colleges as well as universities require transfer applicants to fill out the Common Application where an essay is usually found. Those who are transferring to a community college will most likely be asked to write a community college transfer essay just like those who want to apply as a Rutgers transfer or Montclair State University transfer. The essay portion usually asks the student to describe why they want to transfer schools. Others would ask the transfer student to submit more than one essay depending on what course they are planning to take. Regardless of how many essays you will need to send in along with your application, what’s important is that you deliver well written essays at all times.

The Community College Transfer Essay Requirements

There is a tendency for community college transfer students to reuse their old essay applications to avoid having to write a new one. This won’t do as the prompts tend to differ from one school to another and that colleges and universities have specific standards that they are looking for in a student.

Schools often look for students who are passionate about their learning, have been active both on the campus and off, and have supplied them with all the requirements needed as a transfer student. Although freshman essays give students more freedom to be creative, the transfer essay is still a powerful tool that you can use to make yourself stand out among the other transfer applicants. It’s all about finding the right words to convey what makes you unique and what makes you the best choice for the school.

In the Common Application transfer essay, you will be asked to write a 250-500 word essay on what your reasons are for moving to a community college and what goals you want to achieve along the way. Of course, depending on what college you are transferring to, you might be asked to supply them with supplemental essays for them to understand you better.

Writing Your Essay for Transfer from Community College Application

community college transfer essayOne of the hardest things when writing an essay is making sure that you meet the required word count. It may be that you are at a loss for words to explain your reasons or you may have a lot on your mind that it won’t fit the word count. However, since you are asked to write a 500 word count essay, you need to stick by it no matter what. How can you do this?

  • Write relevant information – An essay such as this doesn’t ask you to write about your early beginnings but what your reasons are for applying as a transfer student in a community college. You should focus your writings on this topic first.
  • Stay on topic – Always focus your writing on the topic assigned to you. As much as you would like to add stories about your childhood, you should write only about why you want to transfer to the school.
  • Write powerful sentences – One of the tricks to making your essay stand out is to write powerful sentences that will hook your reader right from the start.
  • Always proofread – Make it a habit to proofread your work as soon as it is done. This helps in determining if there are any errors that you need to fix prior to submitting your essay.
  • Get feedback – It would help if you have someone to read and review your work as they can give you feedback on the quality of your writing.

Make Your Essay Stand Out

The way you write your community college transfer essay can have an impact to your chances of being considered for the course in the school. It is important that you focus on the topic as much as possible so your readers will know how qualified you are as a transfer student.