Check Columbia University Transfer Essay Creation

As a Columbia University transfer applicant as well as university of Washington transfer or Boston university transfer one, you need to prepare not only your transcripts but also your essay in response to the writing requirement of the school. You need to accomplish the writing part as this helps the admissions panel know you beyond your academic background. Familiarizing yourself with Columbia University’s essay requirements as early as possible can help you prepare better. Just like those applying as Boston University transfer who submit essays with their application, you too need to work on the writing portion of your application for Columbia University.

Columbia University Transfer Essay Writing Requirements

In your Columbia University transfer application, you will be asked to write a 150 word description of one of the activities you’ve written in the Activity section. Other topics that you need to answer in 150 or less include: titles that you enjoyed the most among the required readings for the courses during the year, book titles that you’ve read for pleasure and enjoyed, titles of electronic or printed materials that you read constantly, and titles of shows, movies, and other source of entertainment that you enjoyed.

Aside from the questions mentioned above, you will also need to answer in 300 words or less what in Columbia University appeals to you the most and why. You also need to write about what past experiences, regardless of whether they are personal or academic, that attracted you to take the fields you’ve included in the Members Section of your online application. It is important that you answer these questions as truthfully and as professionally as possible because they will add to your chances of being considered for the transfer program of the University.

Tips on How to Write Your Columbia University Transfer Admissions Essay

One of the biggest challenges in answering the questions indicated in the writing supplement in Columbia University is answering in just a few hundred words. The limited word count can hinder your writing especially when you have much to say but this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Stay focused – The best way to answer all the questions within the specified word count is to stay focused. Don’t add anything else to your writing unless related to the question asked of you.
  • Simplify – Complicating your sentences just to sound intellectual is not the best way to get the approval of the admissions board. Sticking with simple yet interesting sentences is much better as they are easier to understand.
  • Rewrite – Keep rewriting until you are satisfied that your sentences answer the questions asked by the University.
  • Be honest – Always be honest in your writing since the school can easily check your background. Keep in mind that you are sharing a part of yourself in your answers.
  • Get feedback –Ask other people to proofread and review your work so you will know if you need to change anything.

columbia university transferWrite like an Expert

The writing part of your Columbia University transfer application shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish especially if you will remain truthful right from the start. Paying attention to the word count is important because this is one of the requirements of the University. By following the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to provide the best answer to the University’s transfer application. Don’t forget to proofread your work before you submit it as errors and grammar mistakes can harm your chances of being considered for the transfer program.