Columbia University Admissions 2014

As of today, Columbia University admissions continue to offer some of the best curriculums for the programs that they offer on their end. As they continue to do so, most students are having a hard time to meet and exceed their standards. What this does on their end is to encourage students to be smarter and goal-oriented so that they can all be better once they graduate from the university.

Columbia University Application Deadline 2014

If you are planning to get into a school like Columbia University, you must be able to submit your application on or before a set due date. Normally, school registration or applications start during fall and usually ends on the month of March. Should you wish to apply with, you should also pay a registration fee or apply for a waiver.

Columbia University Admission 2014 Requirements

Once you have submitted your application form at the university registrar, you are going to be given a checklist containing all the documents that you need to submit to them. Columbia University admission requirements usually include or require you to accomplish a personal essay. With it, you must be able to tackle successfully the prompt that’s given to you.

Columbia University Stats

As the university continues to receive great recognition year after year, the number of their enrollees continues to grow. Being a private American Ivy school, they are situated right at the Morningside Heights community within Upper Manhattan. Check out some of the stats that may interest you:

  • An acceptance rate of 7.3% back in 2012
  • A total of 29,250 enrollees.

Columbia Personal Statement 2014

With an acceptance rate that low, the university is one of those who impose a tough personal essay that they require for student applicants to accomplish. You must consider that you should accomplish your essay before the Columbia University deadlines so that you can still have the time to review and edit it. If you think you can’t accomplish one, then why don’t you go ahead and hire a professional writer online? With them, you can be sure that you’d be able to have a unique and outstanding copy of your essay way before the deadline.