College Transfer Essay Samples

If you are considering transferring to a new college, you should start preparing a transfer college essay that will impress your readers. Switching to a new college is a difficult task because you are not given top priority. What’s more, colleges will be quite strict with their admission process which means you need to think of a way to make an impression with the right authorities. One effective way to do this is to read college transfer essay samples.

College Transfer Essay Samples

“Before I migrated to America on my own when I was twenty-two, I lived in Japan where I was thinking the same things as the rest of the society. I was raised in a traditional family where my grandfather controlled the entire household. The same thing could be said of my education where I spent hours in studying and memorizing my subjects. I wasn’t given the freedom to think for myself or the freedom to ask questions as well. If I was to ask a question, my classmates would look at me as if I was distracting them and because of peer pressure, I remained quiet in my seat. I figured that if I wanted the chance to think for myself and speak what I have in my mind I should leave behind this kind of society. So I decided to move to America where everyone is encouraged to speak their mind.

I started my education here in a community college where I became immersed in various subjects that made me thirst for more. Now that I have gained experience, I learned that my interests lie in writing. Upon researching, I saw that your college is offering Creative Writing course which I want to major in. I want to experience what it is like to write essays and articles about all the subjects that I want to write about. My professors in the community college were quite supportive in my learning and I believe that your good school will provide me with the perfect platform to launch my professional career as well. I hope that my application for transfer to your good school will be accepted since I believe that my previous grades speak volume on my desire to be the best writer there is.”

Sample Transfer Written Essays

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