College Statement of Purpose Examples

Graduate schools and competitive undergraduate programs want students who are able to think clearly, without confusion. The statement of purpose will demonstrate, fortunately or unfortunately, whether you possess that quality. When one reads a proposal that is poorly organized, filled with extraneous details, and foggily focused, one gets the immediate impression that the mind that produced such confusion can never be disciplined to regard facts objectively and present them logically. That is why we have college statements of purpose examples online to show you how to go about writing your college statement of purpose logically and impress the recruitment committee at whichever institution.

College statement of purpose examples

College statement of purpose

Many people have asked me severally why it has taken me so long to embark on my graduate studies after my graduation. Why I didn’t just proceed instead of going for two years working with a local NGO. This is now the right time for me to answer them; the reason why I took time before proceeding was to look around and make sure that, whatever college I selected, had the credentials to pass for as the best college in my field of study. Another reason was that, I wanted to try my hands on the field I was intending to study just to be sure that, that is the exact thing I wanted to do. This is what led me to spend two years with a local NGO dealing with less fortunate children who are homeless, without parents and anybody to call a relative. My work was to make sure that the kids were well fed, make them feel at home and carter for all their emotional needs. I used to organize for there everyday shower, food and medical attention. I started having a passion for caring for this kids and that is when I realized that, pediatric is the course I should embark on in order to be of more help to this kids. And after looking around, I found out that, your college was ranked the best in offering pediatric course and practice and that is why I am submitting my application today for my wish to be granted and make me a more useful person to those kids out there who need more care from someone with pediatric knowledge.

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