College of Arts and Letters of University of Notre Dame

notre dame college of arts and letters requirementsThe University of Notre Dame comprises five colleges, the oldest of which is the College of Carleton and Arts and Letters. This catholic research university, situated in South Bend, Indiana, was established – like many – as a male only institute in 1842. First taking women in 1972, Notre Dame now has a very even split of sexes. The university is also home to a professional school. It currently offers a large range of master’s and doctoral degrees as well as a large range of degree majors at Bachelor of Arts level.

The College of Arts and Letters gave its first degrees in 1849 and is housed in O’Shaughnessy Hall. The college has 20 departments and offers humanities, fine arts and social sciences, with over 50 majors and minors at undergraduate level and 20 programs at graduate levels.

notre dame college of arts and letters requirementsIn the US News & World Report 2014–2015 listings, Notre Dame ranked 16th out of the United States national universities. Forbes Magazine ranked Notre Dame 12th out of all colleges in the US.

Notre Dame boasts an impressive list of alumni, with many prominent government figures, including the former US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice and many great athletes. As many as 25% of students at Notre Dame are children of alumni, which is a positive indictment of the popularity of this university.

Read on for The College of Arts and Letters undergraduate admission requirements:

The College of Arts and Letters Undergraduate Admission Help:

2013-2014 Figures:

Academic Staff 500
Students 4000
Undergraduates 3000
Location South Bend, Indiana, United States



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The College of Arts and Letter Admission Requirements:

  • Test Results: SAT results of the 25th to 75th Percentile are as follows: SAT Critical Reading 660 – 750, SAT Math 680 – 770, SAT Writing 650 – 750. ACT Composite 32 – 34.
  • Essay Submissions: Two essays are required: The Essay portion of both the Common Application and the Notre Dame Writing Supplement to the Common Application. See here for essay prompts.
  • Other documents needed:
  • A completed application form: Apply online using the Common Application Common Application
  • Writing Supplement: Complete the Notre Dame writing supplement, which is available via the common application website. This is submitted after the application.
  • Standardized Tests: Notre Dame will accept the ACT or SAT. The highest SAT Critical Reading and Math score are used to calculate the composite score for evaluation. The highest ACT composite score is used. Notre Dame do not require the writing component of the ACT.
  • High School Transcripts: For specific subject requirements: Evaluation Criteria
  • Two letters of evaluation: One each from a guidance counsellor and high school teacher, in an academic subject. The teacher should know the applicant well.
  • Application Fee: $75