College Letter of Recommendation Sample

Importance of Good Letters of Recommendation for College

Successful college application is impossible without good letters of recommendation from your professors. Think about this beforehand and talk with your professor about possible recommendation as soon as possible. Below you may find a college letter of recommendation sample completed by our writers. Our service will be glad to edit, proofread or even  write from scratch reference letter for you!

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College Letter of Recommendation Sample

July 25, 2014

To whom it may concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for Brandy Rose, a rising senior high school student that has worked in my lab for the past two years. Brandy has performed very well in a laboratory setting and ranks among the most gifted students I have ever supervised. I recommend her to you very highly.

Brandy has shown an extremely high level of intellectual curiosity, intelligence, and self-motivation throughout the time I have known her. During her two years working in my lab, she has taken on rigorous projects of her own for which she required little to no supervision. She has learned a plethora of laboratory skills simply by taking the initiative to shadow scientists and ask questions when she had any doubts. Additionally, she has given very concise and well-written reports as well as presentations on her research, for which she has won numerous departmental awards. She is a very hardworking individual with high scientific promise, and I believe her dedication and intelligence make her a highly qualified candidate for college studies.

In short, I give Brandy my highest recommendation. She is one of the best interns I have supervised and is a talented researcher and person as a whole. Brandy is able to conduct her own research, formulate her own hypotheses, and has an eager mind that seeks to understand everything that she is doing. She has a tremendous capacity for independent work and the desire to understand more of the natural phenomena present in the world. I fully expect her to be as excellent and productive in college as she was in my lab. She will be an asset to your institution, and I strongly recommend her without reservation.


George Basset, MD/PhD

National Institutes of Health

Department of Bacteriology

2433 N Bethesda Dr.

Bethesda, MD 23123


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