College Letter of Intent Examples

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A letter of intent for college is another name for a type of personal statement, statement of purpose, or college application essay. It needs to be written perfectly as this will often be the document which will settle any choices when decisions need to be made. Your college letter of intent must be written in a way that really makes you memorable and stand out from the other applicants. Achieving this however is far from easy and many students have been known to take many months writing their letter of intent. If you have looked at a college letter of intent sample you will know that the expected level of quality for your essay is very high indeed. It needs to not only contain perfect English it also needs to be written in a way that is able to grab the reader’s attention fully. This is why most other writing services are going to let you down; we however are a highly specialized service that hires staff specifically to work on college application essays such as your college letter of intent.

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