College Admission Essay Examples

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College Admission Essay Example

Admission Essay to the University
By Lucy James

I am completely blind and live to fill the void it creates. I only want to touch upon what I’m missing, to poke a pinpoint through my darkness, so I can see red and green, and periwinkle, and the night sky, and the sun. All I want is a speck of vision.

Yesterday I looked through my old pictures stashed in a dusty bin, strewn on the floor before me. That my childhood should be reduced to a bunch of images on glossy 4” x 5” paper, the ones I could harness together from the top of my dusty shelf, reminded me of how quickly the past slips away. I laid down on my bed and closed my eyes, trying to recall some of the happy memories in those pictures. When I opened my eyes a few minutes later, the track lighting on my ceiling suddenly seemed to blind me, and I winked away in pain.

But it wasn’t the track lighting that made me blind. In fact, it is an affliction that all people suffer from as consequences of having just one opportunity at life. Like blindness, it is the condition of missing a very vital sense; that childhood can be neither relieved nor reanimated. I am blind because I am without the ability to re-experience what was once mine, and saddened because this makes me realize that I am missing valuable colors about from the palette of my mind.

I cringe at the notion of time passing, and leaving childhood behind, because I am a visual poet, because, I shape my surroundings, along with my deepest feelings – my love, my anger, my hope – into stanzas. And it is frustrating for me not to have the true-to-life sensations of childhood in my repertoire. Poetry makes sense of the world I live in. for anything that matters, I record and anything I record can never be lost.