College Acceptance Rates 2014

Acceptance Rates of Universities

According to the New York Times, the US acceptance rates for college and university applicants is at an average of 2 out of 3 applicants. However, as you choose to apply to schools with higher rankings, the rates drop even lower. The top universities in the United States have an average rate of accepting less than 10% of its applicants. Some of these rates go as low as near 5%. As provided by, here is the rate of acceptance of the top 10 universities in the United States.

  • Princeton University – 7.9%
  • Harvard University – 6.1%
  • Yale University – 7.1%
  • Columbia University – 7.4%
  • Stanford University – 6.6%
  • University of Chicago – 13.2%
  • Duke University – 13.4%
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 9.0%
  • University of Pennsylvania – 12.6%
  • California Institute of Technology – 11.8%

Projected College Acceptance Rates 2014

As the competition becomes tougher in applying for college, the acceptance rate for top schools will drop even lower. It is projected that the college acceptance rates 2014 will be at an all-time low for the top universities as more and more students are choosing to apply to these top schools. In addition, competition comes from international students who wish to pursue higher education in the US as well. As this is the case, it will be helpful to have safety schools. These schools have higher rates of acceptance that you are confident of getting into. While, admittedly, these schools do not have the same level of prestige as the top 10 universities, you are still ensured of quality education and more opportunities once you have finished college. Though safety schools may not provide as high caliber of a standard as the top universities of your choice, these schools can still provide you with excellent education and offer you a bigger chance of admission. And, if you are not happy with your safety school, there is always the option of transferring to your first choice, provided that you have performed excellently and gathered high grades in your early college years.

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