Clark Atlanta University Application

Before knowing about the Clark Atlanta University Application, it would be best to take a quick review of what this highly respected university is known for and has to offer. The year 1988 saw the official union of two notable academic institutions – the Clark College and the Atlanta University.

Clark Atlanta University Overview

Since then, the Clark Atlanta University has been very well known not only for being a very academically competent university, but also for its primarily African-American legacy. Students of various ethnic, socioeconomic, and racial backgrounds get to choose from a diverse range of academic programs in this university whose 125-acre campus is composed of 37 school buildings. Have a sneak peak of more details about Clark Atlanta University at its official website.

Clark Atlanta University Application Requirements

For the Clark Atlanta University Application: If you are currently in your senior high school year, you are highly encouraged to give your very best shot, as your academic records would be one of your essential tools for applying for the admission process at the Clark Atlanta University. You can visit their official website to apply online and see the application instructions. You may also feel free to send in any inquiries regarding your intent to get into the admission process of this prestigious university.

 It is strongly suggested to start securing the necessary documents that you might need as Clark Atlanta University admission requirements while it is still months away before the deadline of application. Among the most important admission requirements are the high school transcript, the certification of financial capability, the certification of results on ACT or SAT, the English proficiency test results, and the admission fee.

March 25 is deadline of applications for the 2014 fall semester. It is advisable to try to complete the admission process ahead of the said Clark Atlanta University application deadline. In this way, you would likely get rid of the hassles that come along with processing your application amidst the crowd of other applicants. Let the admin office of the Clark Atlanta University know right away if you have any questions or concerns regarding your application.

How to Write the Clark Atlanta University Personal Statement

Before writing, you should have a clear plan of what to highlight in your paper. In addition, you should brainstorm and write an outline. You should also devote enough time in writing. After writing, make sure to review and edit your work prior to submission.

Lastly, have expert eyes on your paper by seeking the help of personal statement services online to review and edit or even write your Clark Atlanta University personal statement today!