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Writing a college transfer essay is not that easy especially when you have to write a short one that is packed with relative information yet remain interesting enough for the readers to read through the end. A lot of transfer students find this part the hardest when switching schools but there is a way for you to know how to write one properly and that is by searching for a sample college transfer essay.

Sample College Transfer Essay

“I spent my first summer in college volunteering in an archaeological excavation in Israel. It wasn’t easy since the wake-up call was at 4 in the morning and by the time we reached noon we were already feeling the heat since the temperatures normally reaches 90s at this time. It was a fun experience albeit a tiring one as well but I was exhilarated. I met new friends, learned more about the excavation site and even became interested in what this historical dig represented.

When I returned to my college, I found that the school isn’t offering the same major that I was hoping to continue in. My major is anthropology but the course I enrolled in focused more on the sociological and contemporary. My interests were leaning towards the historical and archaeological. This is why I wanted to transfer to your good college because when I visited your premises last time to inquire about your courses, I found the major that I was looking for. Your course offered a broad spectrum of the field which focuses not only in the past but in the present as well. By being part of your college, I hope that I’ll be able to broaden my knowledge in this course, be able to continue my field work or even volunteer as an assistant curator and in the near future take up a graduate course in archaeology.

My reason for moving to your school is purely academic. I’ve made a lot of friends during my first year and my professors were amazing. I chose that school because I was quite comfortable with the setting but now I’m more confident in taking a big step towards a much better future for me in the academe through your good school. I am confident that your Anthropology program is the perfect match to may interests and professional goals as well.”

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