Carnegie Mellon University Admissions 2014

Today, Carnegie Mellon University admissions are still one of the toughest things that students need to face in order for them to get good quality education from a recognized school. They do have a tight schedule when it comes to their deadlines. Now, look at some of the facts that may give you an indication of what you’re about to deal with.

Carnegie Mellon University Application Deadline 2014

With all the things that the school may require from you, you would need to meet their deadline when it comes to submitting your application form. The application period normally ends during the month of January or March prior to the schedule you are looking to be enrolled at. With that in mind, check out some the Carnegie Mellon University admission requirements you would have to submit.

Carnegie Mellon University Admission 2014 Requirements

As part of the Carnegie Mellon University admission requirements you’d be given by the school registrar, you would have to present and submit all documents stated on the checklist. Some of the things you would need to submit are your personal essay and copy of your most recent school grades. Now, check out some facts that may interest you.

Carnegie Mellon University Stats

Carnegie Mellon University, being one of the oldest schools in country, is one of the most preferred technical that students love to enroll at. The school is a private research school located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Check the following stats:

  • An acceptance rate of 25% back in 2013
  • A total of 12,991 enrollees in 2013.

Carnegie Mellon University Personal Statement 2014

As part of the Carnegie Mellon University application deadline requirements, you must be able to present them a personal essay that’s not mediocre in any way. You should be able to accomplish one in a precise, concise and unique way. If you think you can’t take on such a task, then you must seek help from professional writers who are offering their services to ensure that students are successful with their college application essay.

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