Brooklyn College Requirements

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Brooklyn College is a public school located in Brooklyn New York. It was first founded in 1930 and currently has 16,192 students enrolled, majority of which are women and 41% are men. It is ranked #607 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and #75 out of 115 best New York colleges. It has high freshmen retention rate and has a 14:1 student to faculty ration.

Brooklyn College has multiple study options for students. It offers distance learning, study abroad opportunities, weekend programs and teacher certifications. Five most popular major for graduates at Brooklyn College are:

  1. Business Administration and Management, General
  2. Psychology, General
  3. Accounting
  4. Early Childhood Education and Teaching
  5. Elementary Education and Teaching

The school provides graduate education for its students. You can choose to apply to any one of the 14 CUNY colleges making the school the largest urban public university in the US.

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Brooklyn College has an acceptance rate of 30%. Out of the 18,455 applicants, only 5,492 were accepted and 1,157 enrolled. For freshmen undergraduate applicants, you can start preparing and complying with all Brooklyn College requirements essential for your admission. In fact, it is advised that you immediately gather all relevant paper works for a hassle free Brooklyn College application. The following are supporting document checklist for applicants:

  • Standardized Test Scores
  • Letters of Recommendation & Essays/Personal Statements
  • Supplemental Application for Selective Programs (if applicable)
  • High School Equivalency Exam Scores and Diploma (if applicable)
  • Military Transcripts (if applicable)

Additional Items for Applicants Educated Outside the U.S.

  • Secondary School Transcript/ Statement of Marks
  • English Translations of Foreign Documents
  • TOEFL or IELTS Scores

Test scores are one of the key components in your application to Brooklyn College. You should be able to deliver a stellar score to ensure your admissions to this public institution. Here are guidelines required by Brooklyn College in your SAT:

  • SAT Reading: 470 – 570
  • SAT Math: 500 – 610

Other factors that would play an important role in your admissions to Brooklyn College are the following:

  • Rigor of Secondary School Record
  • Academic GPA
  • Formal demonstrations of competencies

Applicants can start sending in their applications on February 1 for fall admission and receive notification by Mid-February. For spring, the Brooklyn College application deadline is September 15 and students can receive results by Mid-October.

Brooklyn College Application Tips, Financial Aids and Stats

Full time undergraduate students at Brooklyn College can spent up to $16,800 annually including direct and indirect costs. Graduate, New York state students has tuition of $5,065 per semester. There are scholarships and financial aids available for all students and they can enjoy a discount of 51% in tuition and fees. 71% of freshmen receive financial aid that average to $8,044 while students from low income families were given an average of $10,147 in aid in their first year in Brooklyn College. Students do not have to pay the sticker price of the school as you can always take advantage of grants and scholarships for a lesser tuition every year. In fact, 61 freshmen were given scholarships by the school itself that average to $4,645 and 690 students received federal aid grant of $5,051 each. 34% of students at Brooklyn College were given scholarships, 37% of federal grants and 29% of state grants. The following links offer helpful information about the financial aid in Brooklyn College:

Brooklyn College application can be a time consuming and stressful process. To get you into the right direction, the following are tips and useful application guides for fast, hassle free admissions:

  1. Know the Brooklyn College application deadline. Make sure that you compiled all the requirements before the deadline to avoid any delay and errors.
  2. Take all the required tests necessary for your application. Research beforehand the Brooklyn College requirements essential and note which ones you need to prioritize.
  3. Students often focus on their academic accomplishments and often leave out their extracurricular activities. Include any proven track record of your activities outside the classroom as this will help distinguish you from other applicants.
  4. A winning essay can make a huge difference in your application to Brooklyn College. In deciding between you and the next student, your application essay could be the key to your admissions.
  5. Utilize available academic support and help available online. Experts can guide you throughout the entire process of your application to Brooklyn College and even provide you with ideas how to submit effective Brooklyn College requirements.
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Why You Should Choose Brooklyn College

  • It is an affordable college that offers high quality education to its students.
  • Brooklyn College has 11 senior colleges and seven community colleges. Students can choose their majors from variety of academic programs if offer.
  • It is a diverse, versatile college that ensures all students get the type of education and training to be effective citizens.
  • Within New York, Brooklyn College is considered to be a lower quality college at a very good price.
  • Brooklyn College can provide you incredible learning experience; offer you affordable tuition and guarantees you will graduate with the necessary learning and skills to perform well in your own field of expertise.

File and complete your Brooklyn College requirements before the deadline with the help of our team of experts for a hassle free application.