Check Boston University Transfer Admissions Essay

Boston University accepts transfer students from various countries provided that they meet the requirements. To become a Boston university transfer or university of Washington transfer, you should have completed the required secondary school education in the United States and that you have the corresponding certificates and diplomas to prove it. Also, you should have been able to complete a full time semester in your current school before you can be considered for a transfer. You also need to fill out the transfer application where, aside from the transcripts needed, you also need to write a personal statement or a transfer essay to go along with it.

Boston University Transfer Writing Requirements

Just like when you are applying as a University of Washington transfer, you will be required to submit an essay to go along with your application for Boston University. The essay portion is where students are given the chance to tell more about themselves and why they are a candidate worth considering for the school. What should you be writing about in your essay? Among the topics that you can tackle in your essay are your academic paths, your reasons for wanting to transfer to Boston University, as well as situations or experiences that led you to where you are currently in your education. You should also share more of your personal experiences that are related to the course or program you wish to take up in Boston University.

Essay Writing Tips for Boston University Transfer Application

Most applicants in Boston University often have a hard time coming up with a great essay to include in their application. This is not surprising given that they will be competing against thousands of students not only in the country but around the world to get a slot among the transfer students. If you need help with coming up with a great essay for your transfer application, here are a few things worth keeping in mind.

  • Be yourself – The admissions panel prefer to know more about you through your writing. Write about your passion, experiences, and other relevant information pertaining to your transfer application.
  • Follow the word count –Writing your essay is important so is following the required word count.
  • Aim for clarity – Keep in mind that the admissions panel will be reading hundreds of essays. Don’t make their job harder by jumping from one idea to the next.
  • Proofread – Double check your work after you’ve written your essay. Check for grammar errors, spelling, and so on.
  • Review and revise – Ask people to review your essay to get their feedback. Revise your work as needed.

Write an Impressive Essay

boston university transferThe best way to increase your chances of being considered as a Boston University transfer student is to write a compelling essay to add to your application. The hardest part is finding a topic to write about. To make it easier, think of a situation or event in your life that led you to the academic path you are taking today. It doesn’t matter how simple your story is, as long as it is relevant to the course you are taking, it will be a good place to start. Expand your story by adding more personal elements to it.

As you write your admissions essay, don’t get frustrated if you’ll be rewriting it several times especially if you’re going to follow the tips mentioned above. Make sure that you ask other people to read your essay so you can get feedback so you can improve your essay before sending it along with your transfer application.

 Learn what will be required to submit your Boston University transfer application and get useful tips on preparing your documents today!