Boston College Essay Prompt

Boston college essay prompts have inspired some of the best college essays ever written by prospective students. If you want to get a good look at an essay that works, see this Boston college application essay that was written in response to the following prompt: “Write a letter to your first-year roommate at Babson. Tell him or her what it will be like to live with you, why you chose Babson, and what you are looking forward to the most in college.”

Writing your Boston College essay becomes very simple if you use our college prompt!

Sample Boston College Essay Prompt

Dear Roommate,

I was born in Bangladesh and moved to Cambridge, MA when I was six years old. I attended public schools in Cambridge, and when I was not studying, I played recreational sports with friends, ran, and spent time with my family. Since I moved, I’ve developed a love for baseball. I’m a life-long Red Sox fan, and I played the sport for 9 years. Despite my active lifestyle, I was obese in elementary and middle school. In 2007, I decided that I needed to lose weight. I was unhealthy and was made fun of because of my appearance. I committed myself to the goal of reaching a healthy weight, and through daily workouts and a more nutritious diet, I lost forty-four pounds in the six months before I started high school. This difficult experience made me a health-conscious person, and also helped me realize that I can achieve anything I set out to do.

On a less serious note, I love to listen to music. I like all types of music, especially Pop and R&B, and I am not going to lie, I also like some Disney songs. This may seem childish, but I enjoy spending time with children, and my cousins’ children don’t mind when I bust out a Disney tune. My love for music goes beyond just Disney. I love to sing and I admire the talent and confidence of performers, such as Rihanna, who started performing for millions of people at a very young age. Unlike Rihanna, I do not sing in public. In fact, no one has ever heard me sing, not even my family. I would prefer to keep it that way. I’m not really a performer, but I am interested in filmmaking, which allows me to be creative and stay in the background.

I chose Babson because I currently am an entrepreneur and Babson’s Entrepreneurship program is highly recognized throughout the nation. I would like to take the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship course because it seems very interesting because I will get the opportunity to start my own business with my peers and donate the profits to local charities. I love giving back, and by joining the Babson Entrepreneurial Teaching Alliance, I will be able to teach middle school students about business and all the possible paths that they can use that degree for. I also look forward in participating in numerous clubs at Babson that I find interesting such as the Babson Entertainment Initiative and the Filmmakers Club since I have developed an interest in the entertainment industry as well as the Babson iTower for my interest in investing.

What I am looking forward to most in college is furthering my knowledge in areas that interest me so I can start a business that can make a significant impact in the world, and will change people’s lives. I look forward to meeting new people and making new friends.

These are things that not many people know about me, but if you’re going to be my roommate, you’re going to figure them out anyways.



*name has been changed