Best Expert University of Miami Transfer Essay

What to Expect in Your University of One of the best things when applying as a University of Miami transfer is the fact that the school uses a holistic approach when evaluating a student. They don’t simply look at your academic standing but also your personal background as well. They often search for students who show passion and competitiveness because these are just a few traits that they cultivate in their school’s environment.

Just like those who are applying as Cornell University transfer or Harvard University transfer, in University of Miami you will also need to pass certain criteria to become eligible as a transfer student. Among these criteria include having 30 college credits or its equivalent, transcript of records for your secondary school and current college or university, and of course, submitting an essay as a supplement to your transfer application.

Miami Transfer Essay

Most universities and colleges use the Common Application program to help facilitate the application of transfer students. You will be asked to fill out the form where your academic and personal background is needed. There is also a segment where you will need to write a 250 to 600 word essay for the school to know you better. It is in your essay that the school’s board will get to know you better because you are personally addressing your essay to the reader.

In the Common Application, you will be given a prompt on what to write for your essay. Usually, you are asked to relate why you want to apply as a Miami University transfer student in 600 words. This is the perfect time for you to write an essay that will leave a good impression to your readers. Keep in mind that your essay is valuable to your application and that you should write it in a professional yet interesting manner.

Tips to Writing the Best Essay for Your University of Miami Transfer Application

The essay portion of your transfer application is the best place for you to share more information about yourself. This is one of the reasons why you need to put a lot of effort into it so you can get the attention of your reader. Unfortunately, there are students who are not really aware on how to make their essay stand out. If you want to make your essay worth reading, you might want to apply these tips when writing.

  • Understand the topic – Understanding the essay prompt is the key to coming up with a well written essay. In University of Miami, you will most likely be asked to write about your reasons for wanting to transfer. State your reasons and expound on them.
  • Stay truthful – Writing truthfully helps in making your essay sound more convincing. Remember that it is easy to check what you’ve written in these times where information can be searched online.
  • Follow the word count – You’re given a word count for a reason. Make sure that you follow the word count for your essay. Going beyond it or not being able to hit the required number of words can affect your application.
  • Stay focused – If you’re asked to write your reasons for transferring, stick to it. Deviating from the topic can eat up your word count which you could have used to explain your reasons further.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread – You need to proofread your work every time to ensure that there are no errors or weak sentences in your essay. Spotting errors early on can help you fix them before sending your application in.

university of miami transferWrite an Essay that Stands Out

As a University of Miami transfer, it is imperative that you give a lot of thought on how you will formulate your essay. Keep in mind that this is the part where you get to talk more about your personal experiences so make it count.