Best Colleges 2014

Best Colleges 2014 Worldwide

The World University Rankings is one of the established analytics companies which release a list of the best colleges annually. Recently, they have released the best colleges 2014. Here are the 2014 best colleges worldwide.

  • California Institute of Technology (California, USA)

With utmost focus in science, CalTech has been the leading college to provide education in science and engineering.

  • University of Oxford (England, UK)

Having produced countless British prime ministers and world leaders, the University of Oxford has a long standing tradition of quality education.

  • Harvard University (Massachusetts, USA)

With the best law and medical program in the world, Harvard has established one of the best American traditions of education and as such is holding a high college ranking 2014.

  • Stanford University (California, USA)

Specializing in the sciences and humanities, Stanford provides dedicated learning and it has produced countless Nobel Prize winners, honored scientists and artists.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts, USA)

MIT is well known for its focus in science and engineering. With some of the best engineering programs worldwide, MIT alumni have had significant contributions in technology and science in general.

  • Princeton University (New Jersey, USA)

With some of the best programs in humanities, social sciences, physical sciences and engineering, Princeton has established itself as one of the best universities not only in the United States but worldwide as well.

  • University of Cambridge (England, UK)

One of the oldest universities worldwide, Cambridge has consistently performed well in the fields of law, medicine, economics, mathematics, engineering and science.

  • University of California – Berkeley (California, USA)

With a keen focus on research, UCBerkeley is establishing its ground as one of the top universities worldwide.

  • University of Chicago (Chicago, USA)

With premier programs in economics and sociology, the University of Chicago remains to be in the forefront of humanities and social sciences education.

  • Imperial College London (England, UK)

Offering premier education in the field of science, technology and medicine, the Imperial College has consistently remained on top of UK 2014 college ranking as in other years.

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