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I was never fully interested in academics, but I always knew that I wanted to do something positive with my life. Finding an excellent career was always a priority for me, but it took until midway through high school for me to realize the true importance of education. I am embarrassed to admit that, but once I got my head on straight, I was determined to try my hardest and realize my potential. I made up for my early mistakes and earned perfect grades to finish out high school, and when I enrolled for undergraduate school, I decided that I wanted to be a counselor.

My cousin David always struggled with social interaction, and when he met his current counselor, she changed his life forever. I was amazed at what type of impact the counselor had on my cousin, and that is why I have decided to pursue this field so that I can help someone. I am eager to excel in this area because I want to have the freedom to pick my career, I know that only comes through hard work and dedication.

Your institution is perfect for me to pursue my dream, and with your help, I can become the counselor that I am destined to be. I want to get a graduate degree in Psychology so that I can soon begin helping people, and I know that there is a lot of work between me and my goals. I am prepared to do everything in my power to obtain this degree and excel in the process, and I can tell that your institution is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my statement of interest—I hope to be on campus this coming fall!

Expert’s comment: Providing an honest backstory that demonstrates your mistakes is a great way to show a university that you are an accountable individual who will learn from your mistakes. That is exactly what a program wants to hear from a prospective student.