Best 10 Tips about College Application Prompts

If you’re having a little bit of trouble writing your college application essay, you should check out college application prompts for much needed help.  With these writing prompts, you’ll be able to pick some possible college application essay topics by answering typical college application essay questions, which as you can imagine will increase the chances that the admission committee will see your work as being inspired and worth reading. What are examples of college entrance essay topics? And how can you make sure you make a good essay out of the writing prompts available at your disposal?

Don’t forget to proofread and review my personal statement to avoid common mistakes!

See these 10 tips to find out.

  • Pick a topic. You’ll find it a lot easier to start writing your essay after you’ve decided on a topic to write about. Use the writing prompts to find and choose a topic first and foremost.
  • Pick a subtopic. Once you’ve decided what topic to write about in your essay, choose a subtopic for it, whether it’s academic, personal, or extracurricular.
  • Make it personal Consider that your essay will be read by the admission committee which is composed entirely of human beings. Add a personal touch, write in an everyday voice, and make the essay relatable.
  • Talk about others. Your college application essay gives you an opportunity that you care about things other than yourself. Use this as a chance to talk about the other people in your life who may have helped in some way to make you who you are today.
  • Talk about failure. We don’t often experience failure in life, but when we do, we tend to not forget them. Feel free to use this to impart life lessons that you yourself learned in the process of facing adversity.
  • Talk about the college. Writing about why you want to go to a particular college is never a bad idea.
  • Share a lesson. Whether or not you learned it the hard way, share a lesson you learned in the past that you think more people should know about.
  • Consider opposing viewpoints. Although it is your essay, you may want to experiment on writing in favor of views that are opposed to yours. The controversy will certainly be attention-grabbing, to say the least.
  • Say your piece. Don’t be afraid to speak your voice and say your opinion on topics that you feel matter.
  • Have fun. Remember to inject some light-hearted fun into your piece. Show the readers you’re human.