Bennington College Application Requirements

Improve Outcome with Useful Guide to Bennington College Application

Bennington College is a private school located at Bennington, Vermont. It was founded in 1932 and currently has 881 undergraduate students, 66% are predominantly female and 34% are male. It is ranked #198 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and placed #3 out of 13 best Vermont colleges. The student-faculty ratio at Bennington College is 9:1 with 84% freshmen retention rate.

Students at Bennington College can integrate various areas of the curriculum in which they call Plan Process. Areas of concentration can differ from Chemistry to Acting. Five of the most popular majors are Visual and Performing Arts, Social Sciences, English Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Literature and Linguistics and Biological and Biomedical Sciences. Bennington College offers degrees in bachelors, post bachelor’s certificate and master’s. The graduate programs in Bennington College are MFA in Dance, MFA in Music ad MFA in Writing and Literature.

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Bennington College has a 72% acceptance rate. Out of 1,147 students who applied, 829 were admitted and 214 enrolled. Students who wish to apply at Bennington College should comply with the following requirements:

  • Common application and Bennington writing supplement
  • Teacher recommendations
  • School report
  • Secondary school counselor evaluation
  • School transcripts
  • Interview
  • Test scores
  • TOEFL (for international students)

Your standardized test scores will be used as evaluation basis for your competency. Although this is an optional requirement for your Bennington College application, it still plays a role in your admissions. The following are guidelines for your SAT and ACT scores:

  • SAT Reading: 590 – 730
  • SAT Math: 550 – 670
  • SAT Writing: 580 – 700
  • ACT: 26 – 32

Other Bennington College admissions factors in your Bennington College application are rigor of secondary school record, interview, character, academic GPA, application essay and recommendations.

Bennington College Admissions Tips and Financial Aids Help

The annual cost for undergraduates attending Bennington College is $64,670 including direct and indirect fees. Graduate tuition for MFA in Dance and Writing is $25,000. But students do not have to pay full from their own pockets as there are scholarships, grants, loans federal-work study aids available. 93% of freshmen receive financial aid that average to $29,824 while students from low-income families receive $43,687 in their first year. 130 incoming freshmen received scholarships worth $28,360 from Bennington College while another 29 were given federal grant aid of $6,155 each. 91% of students at Bennington College get some form of grant aid; 562 receive an average of $28,018. Here are useful links for more information about financial aid at Bennington College:

Students often stress about their Bennington College application. You can increase your chances of getting into Bennington College with these winning application tips and techniques:

  1. Apply early and always meet application deadlines. You should beat the rush and make sure that the admission committee can review your application early on.
  2. Complete the entire application and do not just pick those that would shed light on your strengths and accomplishments.
  3. Always write a stellar and winning essay. Oftentimes, essays are used by the admissions committee to weed out the best applicants.
  4. Do not just focus your application to your academic career but also include trainings and extracurricular activities.
  5. Finally, get academic support online. There are many services that provide students with useful ideas, guides and advice to ensure that their application is hassle free.
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Why You Should Choose Bennington College

  • Students are constantly challenged at Bennington College. It is a breeding ground for intellectual development and skills training.
  • It is not limited to academia but the location itself offers its students with recreational and social events.
  • Bennington College offers generous financial aid package to its students. It strives to make private, high quality education more attainable and affordable.
  • The campus is safe and secure. It has safety officers that are on duty 24/7 all year round.
  • Instead of grades, students are given evaluations from their teachers which enable them to focus on areas they are weak at. Generally, it offers comprehensive and fair evaluation.

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