Babson College Requiremens

Guide for Freshmen: Outline of Programs and Babson College Requirements

Babson College is a private school located at Babson Park, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1919 and currently has 3,300 enrolled students, 47% are female and 53% of the population is predominantly male. It is ranked #57 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and placed #8 out of 63 best Massachusetts colleges.

84% of students in Babson College graduate within four years. Business Administration and Management is the most popular major at Babson College. Babson College boasts its ability to fuse business and liberal arts in their academic structure. Aside from Business Management, students can also explore liberal arts course offerings in Arts and Humanities, History and Society, Economics and Math and Science. Babson College also offers MBA, MSEL, MSF, MSA, CAA and CAM programs.

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Babson College has a 34% acceptance rate. Out of the 5,079 who applied, only 1,718 were admitted and 487 enrolled. It is more selective compared to other schools and this is why students are advised to send in proper Babson College requirements early on. For prospective applicants, the following are the most important Babson College requirements:

  • Standardized Test (SAT, ACT)
  • TOEFL or IELTS (For international students)
  • Secondary School Report
  • Official High School Transcript
  • Senior Grades
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • College Essay

For applicants who want to maximize their chances of getting into Babson College, make sure that your test scores are well above the guidelines. The following are required scores for your SAT and ACT:

  • SAT Reading: 580 – 720
  • SAT Math: 620 – 720
  • SAT Writing: 590 – 660
  • ACT: 27 – 30

Other factors that play an important role in Babson College application are:

  • Rigor of coursework
  • Class Rank
  • Academic GPA
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Academic performance
  • Leadership and creativity
  • Formal demonstration of competencies

Babson application offers its students three options between:

  1. Early Decision

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Notification: By mid-December
  1. Early Action:

  • Application Deadline: November 1
  • Notification: January 1
  1. Regular Decision

  • Application Deadline: January 3
  • Notification: By Mid-March

Helpful Information on Financial Aid and Application Tips

The estimated total annual cost in Babson College is $66,564 for undergraduate and $112,935 for graduate students. Do not worry if you think the tuition rate is too steep for your budget especially that for many, the net price they will pay is less thanks to scholarships and grants. Babson College itself offer scholarships to freshmen, in fact, the average financial aid for freshmen is $40,557. 233 incoming freshmen were given scholarships at Babson College that amounted to $31,899 while 80 students were awarded federal grant aid for $5,316 each. 80% were awarded scholarships at Babson College, 13% of federal state grants and 6% of state grants. Here are helpful links for more information about financial aid at Babson College:

Admissions to your dream school can be tough especially if they tend to be selective like Babson College. For better chances of your Babson College application, the following are great tips any students can use for easy admissions:

  1. Standardized test scores matter so make sure that yours are above average. In the end, this could be used as a deciding factor between you and the next applicant.
  2. Visit the campus. Admissions committee more likely will see you as a serious candidate if you truly explored not only the programs they offer but also their facilities.
  3. Make sure that your Babson College requirements are all well written, accurate and flawless.
  4. Use your letter of recommendation as a factor to wow the admissions committee. Choose the most relevant person you know that can detail your academic and personal accomplishments.
  5. Get help. Students often skip using academic support when it comes to college applications but aside from helpful guide, these services can also provide you with an edge that will separate you from other candidates.
  6. Try to find some “plan B” collages, you can learn about Bennington College application rules.

Why You Should Choose Babson College

  • The entrepreneurship program at Babson College has been rated number 1 in the US and was awarded as #1 business school overall in Money Magazine.
  • Babson College is a great place for innovation, creativity and change. Classes offer advanced training and learning to its students.
  • The school offers a close knit community, quiet campus and friendly faculty that aim to create focused and driven students.
  • Babson College’s curriculum is revolves around combining both business and liberal arts which breeds successful entrepreneurs.
  • Students who attend at Babson College are guaranteed to come out as critical thinkers with vast understanding of the business world.

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