Allegheny College Requirements

Allegheny College Requirements, Ranking and Admissions Help

Allegheny College is a private, non-profit institution located at Meadville, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1815 and has grown since into a suburban college that is housing 2,023 students, majority is women while 45% are men. Allegheny College is ranked as #168 out of 1,391 best nationwide colleges and is currently #14 out of 95 best Pennsylvania colleges. Its tuition and fees amount to $42,470 annually.

Allegheny College is a liberal arts school that offers 30 majors to its students and the school requires the completion of senior project before graduating. Capstone projects are crucial aspect in the academic career of students in Allegheny College as this helps showcase their expertise and proficiency in their chosen field. Academic programs can range from applied computing to studio art. Five of the most popular majors at Allegheny College are Psychology, Biological Sciences, English Language and Literature, Economics and Political Sciences.

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Allegheny College has a 71.8% acceptance rate. Out of the 4,770 applications, it admitted 2,747 students and 559 enrolled in the school. There are many factors that will help improve your chances of admission to Allegheny College. For prospective students, sending proper and sufficient Allegheny College requirements is vital. The following are all the necessary requirements that applicants must send in before the deadline:

  • Personal Essay
  • Guidance Recommendation/School Report
  • Transcripts
  • Transferring Credits
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Standardized Test Scores
  • TOEFL (for International Students)

One of the most basic Allegheny College requirements in your application to Allegheny College is the test scores. Standardized test is the main factor that would determine your admission. Refer below to the required scores of SAT and ACT tests:

  • SAT Reading: 503 – 630
  • SAT Math: 510 – 620
  • SAT Writing: 480 – 618
  • ACT: 22 – 29

The deadline for application in Allegheny College is February 15 and students can expect to get early decision by November 15.

Financial Assistance and Expert Guide for Allegheny College Admissions

If you find the tuition for Allegheny College a bit too steep, do not worry as there are many options for financial aids. Many students in Allegheny College receive financial help; in fact, the average need base financial aid package for incoming freshmen is $32,560. 100% of students receive financial assistance, 74% in grants and scholarships while the other 26% from loans. Scholarships and grants are provided by the college itself. 598 freshmen received $21,942 average scholarship and 159 students for federal grant aid that average to $4,731. For students who want more information about financial aid at Allegheny College, here are helpful links:

The competition may be difficult but you do not have to struggle through the application especially that we are here to help you. The following are useful guide and tips that every prospective applicants of Allegheny College can definitely use:

  1. Before you submit your Allegheny College requirements, make sure they are complete, relevant and well written.
  2. Use your personal statement and letter of recommendation to your advantage. Most admission committee decides admissions based on how well students present themselves in their essays.
  3. Always submit on time. Late submission can say a lot about you and chances are your application will be rejected simply because you failed to comply on time.
  4. Do well in standardized tests. Your test scores are crucial factor in the success of your application as this will basically determine your level of proficiency.
  5. Do not be afraid to seek help, whether online or offline. You can get helpful advice and guide that will make the application process easy, quick and hassle free.
  6. Look for some additional alternatives, for example find out Brooklyn College requirements.

Why You Should Choose Allegheny College

Allegheny College is a close academic community where students and faculty members grow together. Students thrive in the challenges that the school provides enabling them to get the necessary training and education in their field.

  • Allegheny College provides well rounded and excellent quality education. It offers internships, hands on experience and combined degree programs for its students.
  • It has an exceptionally strong science program and it offers versatility in curriculum for students who want to acquire double majors or those interested in various fields.
  • The student-faculty ration at Allegheny College is 11:1. 70% of its classes have fewer than 20 students. It is perfect for those who enjoy learning in a small classroom.
  • You will have the chance to meet people from different background as the school itself promotes diversity.

Learn more online how to properly comply with the guidelines of Allegheny College requirements that will advance your academic career.