Admission Deadlines 2014

Admission Deadlines for College Admission

Most colleges start their terms in August-September and this is referred to the Fall Semester in most universities. Most students as well choose to apply in order to be admitted into a university’s fall semester. As many students choose to apply for this term, universities have set Fall college application deadlines 2014 as early as November and December 2013. While these are early deadlines, universities may still choose to accept applications up to June. However, it is best to send in applications early and not to wait for the admission deadlines. As this is the case, for 2014-2015 admission, you must carefully plan when to apply for university 2014.

College Application Deadlines 2014 Dates

Students usually choose to apply for the Fall term of universities and colleges but schools as well offer admissions for both Spring and Summer terms. Students can choose to apply for these terms taking note of the college application deadlines for the incoming 2014-2015 terms. Here is a guide, showing rough dates for college application deadlines for admission to universities for the 2014-2015 terms:

Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term
Tier 1 Universities and Colleges (Top 100) November/ December 2013 March/April 2014 March 2015
Tier 2 Universities and Colleges (Top 101-200) February/ March 2014 July/August 2014
Tier 3 Universities and Colleges (Top 201 – beyond) June/July 2014 October/November 2014


When to Apply for University 2014 and Requirements

In considering when to apply for uni 2014, it is important as well to take note of when to take the required standardized tests such as the SAT and the ACT. It is important to know as well what tests universities require so you are able to properly manage and organize your college application. Also, learn of the subject requirements of the university you are applying for so you will not have to worry and hurry in taking the required subjects for your university admission.

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