About Our College Admissions Essay Service

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College Admission – Have No Fear!

For students applying to college, the most dreaded part is usually the college admission essays writing part. A common mistake that students make is to pick the wrong topics to discuss in their essay. We have identified those topics that should be avoided at any cost, such as: listing only accomplishments, favorite sports, sharing how lucky you are, writing an “un-essay” (this is writing a sarcastic essay about the admission), inflammatory topics, illegal activity, the most important thing/person in your life, death, divorce, tragedies or humor. Anything you feel will expose a negative feeling in the admission board, avoid it at all costs.

Remove “Boring” from the Equation

An “Mc essay” refers to generic college admissions essays that fail to capture the interest or even consideration of the admissions committees, usually due to the presence of too many mistakes or irrelevant statements. Such generic essays (they consists of five paragraphs) consists primarily of abstractions and unsupported generalization. They are technically correct because of the well organized paragraphs, good sentence structure and spelling, but they are generally overall too boring. Avoid writing such an essay at all costs. Start an essay in a compelling way which will make the admission staff want to read through the entire essay. Remember, it is a hectic admission season and only the most readable essays will be considered. Let yours be among the top of the pile.

Colleges Admission Essay a Breeze!

When writing an admission essay for college, make sure you choose your subject carefully. Avoid hackneyed, controversial and sensitive subjects. Subjects like politics, abortion or your own mental illness are suicidal. Don’t even think about writing about them. Although colleges do encourage self-expression, the admission essay is the place for it. Don’t also apologize or whine or complain in your essay. Whatever you decide to write about let it strongly convey your real self. Your personality needs to emerge. The essay needs to reflect what kind of a person you are now, not the person you were in middle school or when you got lost on vacation at kindergarten. Be yourself. Find your voice.