5 Easy Steps in Writing Prompts for College

Nowadays, it may seem like writing college application essays isn’t hard, mainly because writing prompts for college essays can be found quite easily. However, some prospective college students may still find it difficult to finish writing their college essays, and sometimes even struggle to begin writing in the first place. If you consider yourself to be one of these students, you’re in luck, because here you’ll learn five easy steps in writing prompts for college level applications. Like any essay, writing a college application essay takes time, and there are steps that need to be taken before one can be completed. Fortunately, with the use of college level writing prompts, the number of steps needed usually doesn’t amount to more than five.

Steps in using writing prompts for college essays

The very first thing you need to do is find a college prompt that you can use either as a starting point for your essay or simply a source of inspiration. There are many writing prompts made available for those who are starting to write a college essay, and some of the most famous ones are the “new” writing prompts introduced in recent changes to the Common Application, as seen on collegeadmissionbook.com. These five prompts can be used for the basis of at least a dozen different essay topics, which in turn can be used to spawn an endless number of actual essays. You might find the additional information, regarding college research paper, useful in your quest of writing prompts, too!

Step two is identifying the keywords that will be addressed in your essay based on what is written in the prompts that end up being chosen in the first step. And then after that, the third step will be choosing whether you are going to write about an academic, personal, or extracurricular topic. This is where the number of possible essays starts to emerge as you think of ways to tackle these three different subjects.

Wrapping up with writing prompts for college essays

The fourth step is to connect the main idea of your essay to your future in the selected college. How will it affect your stay in the college if you get accepted? And finally, the last step is simply to inject a fair amount of fun in your essay. After all, it is going to be read by humans. So make it readable by relating as much personal stuff as you can based on your chosen writing prompts for the college essay.